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Tangle of Life 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 11 July 2014 03:16

19 Nov 2014: Long time coming: the revival of the 2004 West Byron wetland rehabilitation plan explained


The first of new works for this site published today

Meanwhile, please browse the other sections and archives which include writings over the past four years. The monthly articles that are first printed in the Byron Shire Echo are now collected together on a special page also called Tangle of Life. This is on their Echo Net Daily website.


Byron Bay


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Nature Club, Nature Science, Sea Sense and more PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 17 January 2011 03:58


June 2013

6 June: There was a lively discussion at the Bill McKibben event last night. People want more information about what Northern Rivers can do about divestment in fossil fuel industries and investment in renewable energy. To help continue the conversation and make the information publicly available, here is Doing the Maths in Northern Rivers. You can check the growing conversation and add comments and links. For starters, today is also the launch of Go Fossil Free Australia.

5 June: Bill McKibben LIVE vid link in Byron Bay tonight 7 pm at the SCU room in Byron Bay. His tour raises important discussion about curbing expansion of fossil fuel industries. HMS ChallengerMeanwhile, change continues in the ocean as air pollution, including carbon, "blows to sea". Check out the new citizen science project REDMAP to help us re-discover the shifting marine world.


1 June: Join a virtual session of the Noosa Water Ecologies and Interdisciplinary Conference BALANCE/UNBALANCE today  at 1 pm at the Water Wheel. Mary Gardner joins Suzon Fuks (Aus), Irina Novarese (Berlin, Germany), DL ‘West’ Marrin, Ph.D. (San Diego, CA - USA), Eklavya Prasad (New Delhi, India) and Christine Destrempes (Keene, MA-USA)  compwrecks of tree and ship Belongil NSWaring art and science with community all about water, fresh and marine.

May 2013

30 May:  How do we here in Australia lose all sense of our past? Here is a special NSW rxample about maritime and coastal history. Shouldn't we be remembering what we have made and changed about our coastal places before we start planning more industries and uses? What is the thinking to this proposed NSW Maritime Policy? (submissions by 17 June  2013)

March 2013

World Water Day 2013

22 Mar: Making a start once more with World Water Day 2013, a global event  hosted by the Water Wheel. The 24 hour global event runs -- flows -- from Fri 22 March to Sat the 23rd. Events are live in seven nodes around the world and streaming online using a special platform that encourages audience participation. From 3 pm on Sat, the Byron Bay node links with communities of coastal California who are living with sea level rises. From 4pm,  Byron Bay presents Sea stories and Freshwater Tales: seven key people discussing water issues and action in Northern Rivers. The panel discussion will involve local and overseas audiences. Join the audience live at Starseed Gardens, Yager's lane, Byron Bay or jump in online from anywhere.

The live link is World Water Day Symposium.

21 Mar: SEA MIND considers in depth what's represented by burrowing clams both in this website and in the journal Coolabah.

Nov 2012

1 Nov: Announcing final session of the 2nd Annual Byron Bay Science Film and Talk Fest 16 Nov!ocean wave Since Science Week in August, the Nature Science Network has hosted an event each month where specialists and audiences come together to discuss the urgent issues of our times. Every session also featured inspiring films. The final session is 16 Nov and it's all FREE.

Aug 2012

23 August: Now online: a Consideration of Nature Science. This is the gist of the online presentation with Water Wheel as this interactive platform celebrated its first birthday. We

June 2012

28 June: There's a bonus set of links to my presentation about writing up science here in Byron Bay for the Echo and this website. The presentation is for the joint Australia/NZ Marine Conference in July. It's a great opportunity to sum up a little local learning and to express thanks for everyone for their interest in my works.  seastars

25 June: Here is something new online and in print. This is an advance notice of an article about to be published by the Byron Shire Echo. This is my "Modest Proposal" which is about an "Ecopassport" or a "Nature Relief Fund". The writer of satire Jonathan Swift (who also wrote Gulliver's Travels) first wrote the essay called "A Modest Proposal". With dark gothic wit, he suggested that the starving Irish eat their babies and avert the famine. My article is not a satire but hopefully of interest to us "future eaters" -- Tim Flannery's widely known term for our present society. Online now is a list of links with background information. When the article is printed by the Echo, this site will cross link with theirs. Both sites manage space for comments and suggestions, so we hope that you will join the conversation. flotsam includes plastics



8 June: The winter solstice approaches and it's quite cold today. But remembering summertime, here is a reprise of an article about Cicadas at Nature Sciencecicada Byron Bay

Apr 2012

13 Apr: Chicks World TV are helping save marine turtles and other wildlife. They interviewed Molly the Pirate Queen and are broadcasting the backstory to this PETITION to NSW government to ban single use thin film plastic bags. Already South Australia, Northern Territory and ACT have made the change. All the news and links are in this new post  at PUBLIC EYES: A Message from the Pirate Queen.logo Chicks World

Mar 2012

22 Mar: Celebrate International Water Day with Our Nature Club and a Science Poesy, and accept an invitation to a  free online International Water Symposium.

14 Mar: Check these three movies all in PUBLIC EYES: Bag It, Bimblebox and Minds in the Water. Follow science in society through the best of recent films.

5 Mar Now online is the second article and links NATURE SCIENCE Life Cycles of Microbes, Mosquitoes and Humans. Malaria treatments are part of the topics featured in this month's  Nature Science session on Wednesday 6 pm at the Heartspace in Mullumbimby. Join us in experiments discussions and short films about Synthetic Biology. Entry by donation.

Feb 2012

more on the 27 Feb: the Sound Tracker, Gorden Hempton, challenges us in Byron Shire NSW to designate The World's first Quiet Place Here. Hempton offers to help do the bioacoustic surveys for the site in Yelgun.  Read all about it in Public Eyes: log 5

27 Feb: Metaphor, mirage and malaria: part 1 about synthetic biology is now online in NATURE SCIENCE. reflections in mullumbimby

The live event with Mary Gardner is in Mullumbimby 7 March, 6 pm at Heartspace, hosted by Santos WholeLife. This is the second meeting in the series Nature Science. Each session is a stand alone evening opening with a set of experiments and featuring some short films. This time, we turn our attention to Synthetic Biology.

Next week will feature Part 2 about context and its importance.

The previous session in February was well attended, a lively evening which had everyone talking. We were all amazed not only with the results of the experiments we did, but what they suggested to us about the world and ourselves.

Join online in the discussion and live at the event on the night. The surprises continue.

Jan 2012

dragonfly view

24 Jan: Leading up to the first event in Nature Science, here's more background to the series and why we should talk about Nature Science. First question: What is important about Margaret Atwood's latest book The Year of the Flood.

16 Jan: Plans are underway for a new live series online and in town: NATURE SCIENCE. This is a talk, experiment and film series compered by Mary Gardner. The first live session is 1 Feb in Mullumbimby and will run on the first Wednesday of every month. The conversation begins online now. For starters, consider the Biology of the Garden of Eden.

Throughout 2012, posts continue on TANGLE OF LIFE: check SEA SENSE for the urgent and timeless about everything marine.  PUBLIC EYES for science and society. OUR NATURE CLUB for ideas to accompany you on your local walkabouts.

Watch for updates to the foundation articles in the WEALTH of the WORLD on this website. Here, and throughout the site, your comments are very welcome.



Dec 2011

Whether the solstice is summer or winter, may this transition inspire you. Thanks for your interest and support throughout 2011 and here's to continued insights in 2012.

summer solstice byron bay

Nov 2011

29 Nov: Follow the turtles on the Main Beach this Friday 2 Dec 11 am. After ingesting bags and recovering, two turtles will return to the sea. Come join in the launch of the campaign to BAN PLASTIC BAGS in Byron Bay and throughout NSW.

28 Nov: What are all these human health hazards with the proposed West Byron Land Release? Consider this: is environmental justice GOING WEST?

24 Nov: Try the PLACAMEN POKEMON -- sounds like fun on a rainy afternoon.

22 Nov: We're back in the water swimming with turtles and making Sea Sense of Marine Diets

18 Nov: More to add to the opening of PUBLIC EYES, the new section on this website. There's a wide variety of topics right where science and society meet. Today's post considers local science work as NEW COMMUNITY ENTERPRISES.







16 Nov: Time to open PUBLIC EYES. tawny frogmouth Podargus strigoidesThis new section raises alarms and considers the dangers. After all, being alert is a basic nature skill everyone learns in order to survive. The first worry is ABSENTEE KILLERS. This post is supported by two new articles about the WEALTH of life in the kingdom of ANIMALS. One article is about the TAWNY FROGMOUTH and the other is AUSTRALIA'S DINGO, DOMESTIC and WILD DOGS.

If you feel at all blase about life in the 21st century, about the internet, about water -- renew yourself investigating these Sea Stories.

The TANGLE OF LIFE Screensaver features sand art by Craig Gascoigne. Though we here in Byron -- and around the world -- enjoyed his work for months, he was identified as the artist only a few days ago.

sand art craig gascoigne

Back at SEA SENSE: a marine log an in depth article about fisheries. First things first, how do a school of marine animals become a fisheryhatchlings

Oct 2011

QUICK! read about sharks in the Great Barrier Reef and write an email by 21 October!

GET THE WHOLE PICTURE with the latest news from the Nature Club.

Sept 2011

LAST DAY OF SEPTEMBER -- and we're back online again with a new post about Neighbours. Expect more fascinating posts starting again from Tuesday 4 Oct.


As we catch our breath after the SCINEMA 2011 science film festival, take a moment for some reality internet viewing: Climate Reality: a 24 hour live broadcast from throughout the world. You can view this at the Community College in Mullumbimby Thursday 6.30 pm

August 2011scinema logo

Clear your calendar for the second weekend of SCINEMA 2011 BYRON BAY.

Continuing on the 26,27 & 28 August at the Southern Cross University Rooms of the Byron Bay Community Centre. FREE ADMISSION.

there are still 3 film sessions and socials over 1 more weekend.

Now online our updated PROGRAMME with 30+ speakers, music, food, drink...

Please help spread the word:  on Facebook is SCINEMA 2011 at Byron Bay. Tell all your friends and colleagues about the FINAL FREE WEEKEND here in Byron Bay.

Here is a list of contacts and info from guest speakers.


FROM THE FIRST WEEKENDentrance to SCINEMA 2011 Byron Bay

Did everything happen so fast for you too? The first weekend of SCINEMA 2011 Byron Bay welcomed capacity crowds to films, discussions and activities. Now, the highlights, contacts and links to the different speakers, displays and activities are being put online at this website so you can follow through with that person, theirs ideas, books, films and products.

These will be posted asap, starting with the opening remarks at launch Together in the Sea: the great issues of our time

July 2011

Another CLUB NEWS 3: Hearth & Home.

NEWS FLASH: CSIRO's National Traveling Science Film Fest 2011 is this August in Byron Bay -- watch this site for the first details!

What is the Carbon Price of Pipi? Some of the great issues of our time come together in the latest post on Sea Sense: SHELL CLIMATE.

Other adventures continue with the PIRATE QUEEN & new ideas. Check out the GIANT EFFORTS and OUR NATURE CLUB.

Adding to our new section on this website is Our Nature Club with CLUB NEWS 2: Sensing Place. Following on from CLUB NEWS 1.

big surf Byron Bay Australia

What do you think?

Online ideas, taking you outside.



SEA SENSE: a marine log

This new series gets you involved in the marine world like never before. Short posts and photos.  Urgent and timeless.


Look at TWO TIMES and come visit the OCTOPUS' GARDEN.

Track predators in MORE SNAIL TRUTH and check the new report of WRITING MAGIC. Consider the SNAIL TRUTH . CUTTLEFISH with writing by Elisabet Sahtouris. It's also time to REMEMBER COUSTEAU.



The series began with STARTS WITH PLANKTON and GREY NURSE SHARKS. Check for new postings every Tuesday and Thursday.

Add your comments. Please share what you know and help build local knowledge.

The stories about Cuttlefish and Grey Nurse Sharks also include ACTION LINKS. From wherever you are, you can write a letter or a online submission to ministers and other decision makers.

You can also follow SEA SENSE on the TANGLE OF LIFE Facebook and Twitter. Pass it on. Help spread Sea Sense.


APRIL 2011

rainbow lorikeet on Banksia flower

LOVE TO TRAVEL? Take a walk through the wallum, a sweet landscape, hidden in South Ballina

WONDER ABOUT FISH? Get a new perspective about them in Fish are Wildlife

WANT A BIGGER PICTURE of  coastal issues in the subtropics of Australia?

HOW ABOUT SOME IDEAS for an eco centre in Byron Bay?



"The wealth of the world is in the kingdoms of life" -- This is the message from our six week rolling launch.  The introductory article explains what exactly what is this wealth. Following that are a suite of features: fascinating stories, photographs and links about each kingdom. (for links see side menu The Wealth and explore biodiversity from bacteria to the archaea)

Find out how to use social media for natural good.


Every article poses questions -- you are invited to tangle with them, explore your own understanding and post comments. Try your hand at nature writing and photography! You can also make up a great wealth display and upload this to the TANGLE OF LIFE wiki pages



TANGLE OF LIFE was selected as a partner with the UN for the International Year of Biodiversity 2010. The convention is over but the work continues.

This year, countries around the world are going through the formal process of ratifying and becoming party to the protocols announced at the end of the convention last October. logo of the International Year Biodiversity 2010One part of the protocol is about access to genetic resources and the other is about targets for conservation on land and at sea. These issues are important to Australia, who is a signatory to this convention.

As part of this process, the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO)  has made a submission about the first protocol, which has important implications for the use of genetic resources and Aboriginal rights.

In May 2011, the EDO made their submission publicly available, posting this document as a PDF




SIGN UP TO OUR MAILING LIST and receive the free series 2 of PICTURE THIS screensavers.

pix from screensaver series 1













VISIT the website of Mary Gardner, the lead author at TANGLE OF LIFE.

FIND OUT how the TANGLE OF LIFE got started.




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