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There is a wealth of information online you can view to find out more about the kingdoms of life. If any biology words are a puzzle, there are great online dictionaries and even audio clips with pronunciations. (Although I find that different sites offer different pronunciations!)

Links for all the introductory kingdom articles are listed here. BACTERIA, PROTOCTISTS, FUNGI, ANIMALS, PLANTS and ARCHAEA are all found below.

For each of the kingdoms, I have collected links which build on the information I present. They are mostly non-technical. Often the pictures and diagrams are very useful. I list links for each kingdom separately. These lists will grow over time.

If you have any suggestions about links or blogs, please tell us. Of course, we have no control over outside links. Please use standard precautions opening or downloading any other site. Enjoy!


As creative as bacteria: more info online

The following is a list of selected links to sites with more about bacteria.

1. More about exponential growth

2. Human body as a bacterial environment

Diagram Human Body as Bacterial Environment

3. Earthtime::Timeline

4. More Timeline

5. Interactive Diagram of A Bacterium

6. Diagram of Conjugation

Video of Conjugation

7. Conjugation in more detail

8. Joshua Lederberg conjugation discoveries

9. Esther Lederberg conjugation discoveries

10. History of discoveries about Horizontal Gene Transfer

11. Synthetic Biology at Venter Institute

12. More about Endosymbiosis

13. technical in depth about Endosymbiosis

14. Lynn Margulis

15. Biography Lynn Margulis

16. Bacteria-Animal Symbiosis site

17. Explanation of Symbiosis

18. Bacteria linked to each other in marine sediments

19. In depth review of Bacteria and cycles of nutrients in the environment

20. Bacteria “Rain-makers”



As different as protoctists: more info online

1. More summaries of Protoctists

2. Diversity of Protoctists (also known by older name Protists)

3. Collecting and culturing

4. “Animal” like Protoctists

5. "Plant" like Protoctists

6. "Fungus"  like Protoctist

7. Protoctists in a Pond

8. Green Algae

9. Algae Overview and Lifecycle

10. Slime Molds Overview and Lifestyle


Counting on the unseen: fungi using networks

1. Groups of Fungi

2. UK site about Fungi

3. Australian site about fungi

4. Overview of fungi easily found

5. Ancient Fungi

6. Prototaxites

7. Paul Stamets Fungi Website

8. Groups of Fungi and their Mode of Nutrition

9. Sexual Reproduction of Fungi

10. Mating Types

11. Role of fungi in cycling nutrients

12. Fungi in Soil


Making Animal Commitments: more info online

1. Categories of Animals

2. Visual Dictionary of Animals

3. Comprehensive introduction to Animal Biology

4. About animal cells

5, Generalized picture of animal blastula development

6. Stages of development of a sea urchin (lots of pix)

7. Diagram of fertilization of mouse egg

8. Cell differentiation basic concepts

9. Intro to Hox Genes

10. More about Homeobox

11. Indepth about Hox genes

12. Basic body plan for a crustacean

13. Mud Crab biology and life cycle (good presentation and great photos)

14. Example of how aquaculture works with mud crab development

15. Author J Balcombe writes about animal consciousness


As grounded as Plants: more info online

1. Classification of Plants

2. A review of Plant Groups

3. More about Alternation of Generations in Plants

4. Structure of Plants: excellent diagrams and photos

5. Structure of Plants: continued

6. Moss life cycle

7. Fern life cycle

8. Cycads

9. Gymnosperms Life structure and life cycles

10. More about Gymnosperms

11. Flowering Plant reproduction

12. Overview of Plant Physiology


The Archaea: your living reminder -- more info online

1. On location at Uzon Caldera where Archaea are found

2. Conference At Yellowsprings Park: scope of modern studies

3. Background information about Archaea

4. More information about Archaea


5. Short history of Kingdoms

6. More about Classification and new developments

7. Archaea and human disease?

8. Interview with Lynn Margulis

9. Margulis talking about Archaea

10. Interview with Carl Woese

11. Another interview with Woese

12. Review of Woese’s work and critiques

13. History of Life (high quality presentation)

14. Thank God for Evolution: US Christian evangelist embracing evolution

15. Third Culture: about scientists who are changing the stories of our society